Why Is There a Need to Perform Emergency Evacuation Training?

Really...is there really a need? When was the last time your building caught on fire, or a bomb blew up in your building, or an envelope filled with a biological toxin made its way into your facility?

From a risk perspective, the probability of occurrence for any of these events is low - very low in most cases. However when performing a risk assessment, one must also consider the severity of the event, and that is where everything falls into place.

The potential for loss of life - even if it is only one, should be enough to take action to ensure that one is adequately prepared to deal with such an event. How would you explain to a family member that you never adequately trained your employee on what exit route he/she should have taken during that devasting fire that took his/her life?

Would you want to have to provide an explanation as to why your employees were never trained to properly evacuate the work environment - especially if loss of life was at issue?

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