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About ConsulSafe Intelli-Interactive™ Training Platform

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Uniqueness of Training Approach
The training that we develop for you is built from the ground up and will be the most effective training you could possibly provide to your trainees.

Moreover, all training is built using the ConsulSafe Intelli-interactive™ training platform.

High-End Intelli-Interactive™ Customized Computer-Based Training

Providing effective e-learning to your employees is our passion.

Our 10+ years of pioneering experience in the field of computer-based training have taught us a thing or two that most of our competitors do not know or do not utilize.

It is this experience that we pass on to you through the ConsulSafe intelli-Interactive™ training platform, so that your trainees are assured of having the optimal learning environment.

What follows is a description of the elements of our prized training platform that we will use to build your training.

  • We keep the learning experience engaging so that material retention is optimized.

    Did you know that the retention rate for reading just plain text on the computer screen is about 25%? That is why we incorporate narration along with upbeat background music, animation graphics and photos throughout our training module.

  • Assurance of trainee understanding.

    No more having to wonder if your trainee understood the material you just presented. (read more)...

  • Mechanism for the trainee to communicate with the trainer.

    A mechanism to communicate with the trainer in order to address questions and concerns via email can be built into the training module.
  • Trainee controls the learning pace.

    In life there are slow learners and fast learners; more experienced employees and less experienced employees. With our e-learning Intelli-Interactive™ platform, the trainee can have the option of having narrated material repeated by simply left-clicking the BACK button...or jump ahead by left-clicking the FORWARD button.
  • View and print important procedures and other documents right from the training module.

    During the training, the trainee can be given the option to view and print a document simply by clicking on a hyperlink. This is an excellent way to quickly add or revise policies and procedures to an existing training module.
  • No cheating on an exam is possible.

    The set of test questions that is administered during the testing interactions is different for each trainee. Questions are chosen from a bank of questions and randomized.
  • Immediate feedback to testing interactions.

    Psychologists tell us that comprehension is significantly improved when feedback to the questions that are asked is immediate. Our training platform provides for this immediate feedback by indicating whether an answer is correct or incorrect.
  • Bookmark feature.

    Our training platform can enable the trainee to bookmark so that he/she can temporarily leave the training session to tend to more important matters.
  • Automatic recordkeeping.

    No more having to perform the burdensome recordkeeping chores associated with training? (read more)...

  • Training modules are malleable.

    Modules can be easily revised to reflect changes in procedure or regulations very quickly.
  • The training can be targeted so that tenured employees do not have to undergo the same training as new employees.

    Unless a particular section in a training module is necessary for refresher training, why have your seasoned employees spend valuable time to train on material that is already learned? We can develop testing interactions to verify that an employee already knows the material so that he/she can opt out of that particular section in the training module.

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