Site-Specific Regulatory Compliance training Is No Longer Burdensome

  • We can design and develop your computer-based training to comply with regulatory requirements so that your employees can take the training one-at-a-time, as they need it.
    Employee comprehension is verified by testing that is automatically administered by the software application.
    The training can be tracked by logging on to the ConsulSafe website with a username and password.
    If you are ever audited by a regulatory agency, you can log on to the website to display the training results for the auditor.

    Some regulatory-required compliance training are site-specific and cannot be addressed through the use of "canned" generic training purchased from the mass market. Training associated with chemical accident prevention programs such as the EPA Risk Management Program and the OSHA Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals offer examples of regulatory-required site-specific training.
    Moreover, regulatory agencies require verification that the employees have understood the training that is presented to them. Comprehension is typically verified through testing. So the nightmare of having to administer and grade tests to verify employee comprehension, as well as the need to maintain employee records for the training is no longer a consideration when using our training application.

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