The Problems with Conducting a Conventional Emergency Evacuation Drill

There are several problems with conducting an actual evacuation drill as opposed to performing the training on a computer. They are as follows:
  • An actual evacuation drill where the occupants are required to vacate the work environment is time-consuming and disruptive. A lot more can be accomplished in less time using computer-based emergency evacuation training.

  • An actual drill typically will not capture the entire intended occupant population. There may be occupants who are absent from the workplace for one reason or another (e.g., out sick, out on the road, on vacation, etc.).

  • A percentage of the occupants will not take the drill seriously and will refuse to evacuate.

  • A typical evacuation/fire drill will only address evacuation and not train on sheltering-in-place activities. Evacuation is not always the most prudent action to take.

  • With an actual evacuation drill, there is no easy way to assess whether the occupants have understood the lessons behind the drill. With our computer-based intelli-interactive™ training platform, you are 100% assured that the occupants have understood the presented material.

  • The above-listed reasons are why Palm Beach County, Florida, the largest county east of Mississippi, uses ConsulSafe intelli-interactive™ training.
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