Emergency Evacuation Training

Emergency evacuation training is an important concern in any environment where a significant number of people congregate and have access to a limited number of exits. This safety concern is true for facilities, buildings, stadiums, concert venues, etc., and all types of mass transportation, e.g., trains, ships, airplanes, transit buses, motorcoaches, and school buses.

In emergency situations, it is important that occupants be familiar with the location of all evacuation exits and knowledgeable about the evacuation process. If not, additional injuries or fatalities could occur during the emergency event.

Here are just some of the topics we can include in your customized computer-based emergency evacuation training program:
  • How to evacuate and what exit(s) to use when given the signal to evacuate

  • How to activate the fire alarm system

  • When to take alternative action in lieu of evacuation

  • How to determine when it is safe to return to the work environment

  • Guidelines for fire prevention

  • What to do when a bomb threat is received

  • Responsibilities of evacuees and fire wardens/emergency coordinators

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