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Convert Your Existing Video Training

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Upgrade Your Current Training Quality
Shift from passive learning to active learning by converting the videos you own into our computer-based interactive training format.

Why Should You Do It?
Why would you want to convert your training videos into our interactive training format? The answer is simple!

Here Is Why

Videos are delivered in a passive mode. Essentially what that means is that there is no assurance that the trainee has understood the material presented in the video. For all you know, the trainee may have been asleep or distracted while the training video was presented. Converting your existing video trainings to our Intelli-Interactive™ format will eliminate this problem.

By converting your training video into our Intelli-Interactive™ training format, you now have a way to assure that the trainee has understood the material that is presented. Here is how it works:

How It Works

You provide us your video and we will use the ConsulSafe Intelli-Interactive™ training platform to convert it into a computer-based interactive application program (i.e. an executable file).

The executable file is now an application program that will reside in the computer or on your company server. All the trainee has to do is to double-click the ConsulSafe program icon to start the training program.

The program will play the video file on the computer with the following added benefits.

  • Benefit 1:

    The video will be broken down into learning sections.
  • Benefit 2:

    At the end of each section, testing interactions wil be administered to determine if the trainee has understood the material being presented.
  • Benefit 3:

    If the trainee does not demonstrate and adequate understanding of the material, the section will be repeated. If an adequate understanding is demonstrated, the trainee is allowed to progress to the next section of the video.
  • Benefit 4:

    After the trainee completes the training, automatic recordkeeping will be performed to document the training to include the trainee's score, date, and pass/fail status.

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