Contractor Regulatory Compliance Training Is Now No Longer Burdensome

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  • As the host employer, your company is responsible and ultimately liable for the safety of all contractors on your premises.

  • With our Intelli-Interactive™ training platform it is now possible to have a contractor trained to your company's standards without any burden to you.

  • The contractor is presented with your customized Intelli-Interactive™ training CD containing the safety info relevant to your facility.

  • The contractor administers the training to his/her employees on a computer with internet access at the contractor's place of business.

  • The training results of contractor's employees are automatically uploaded onto the ConsulSafe server. You can log on to the server to verify that the contract employee has been properly trained before allowing him/her to perform work at your facility.

  • Facility evacuation protocols to include how the evacuation alarm sounds.

  • OSHA/EPA hazard communication and risk management contractor-required training can be easily addressed using this method.

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