Welcome to ConsulSafe, LLC

ConsulSafe has its roots in occupational safety and health. Among the services we provide are consulting services in process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals, pandemic flu concerns, ergonomics, performing safety assessments and developing comprehensive safety and health programs.

Over time, the company has evolved and now specializes in developing customized computer-based interactive training (CBT) modules as well. The CBT modules are developed using our proprietary Intelli-Interactive™ training platform.

Our clients have been so pleased with this training platform that we are often asked if we could use our platform to develop training outside the safety and health arena. The answer is yes. The training modules that we can develop are not necessarily relegated to the safety and health arena.

Every client we work with has a unique situation along with specific training initiatives. We are committed to being your partner and delivering a finished product created from your original idea in a cost-effective timeframe.

In fact, as long as a subject matter expert is available to consult with us, we can develop any computer-based interactive training application program to suit the client's needs.

Our mission is to consistently deliver a product/service that far exceeds our customer's expectations.

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Safety & Health Concerns